S&S Chemical to Launch New Generation of Polyethylene Waxes

S&S Chemical, LLC recently announced plans to produce a new generation of polyethylene waxes:

PRECISIONMelt™ Polymers

PRECISIONMelt polymers are linear, crystalline, synthetic waxes with sharp melting points, narrow molecular weight profiles and low melt viscosities.

“We’re excited to bring these specialty waxes online and support our customers’ expanding needs”, says S&S General Manager Bruce Stevens.

PRECISIONMelt polymers are used in a wide range of specialty applications in multiple industries including printing, plastics, personal care, adhesives and coatings.

With melt points ranging from 85 – 125 °C (180 – 260 °F), PRECISIONMelt waxes provide unique thermal and rheological properties, including:

  • Rapid phase change transitions from solid-to-liquid and liquid-to-solid
  • Low viscosities just above the melt point
  • Narrow molecular weight profiles

“The nice thing is, with our technology we can dial in the specific properties customers want,” says Stevens.

To get the latest technical information on PRECISIONMelt polymers, along with pricing and availability:

- Contact Bruce Stevens: or call +1 970-749-5304.

About S&S Chemical:

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, S&S Chemical has been supplying specialty waxes since 1999.